Saturday, November 01, 2003

Hmmm.... just got back from Los Angeles. A rather posh event at the Canadian Consulate crafted and designed by the Alberta Government department of Economic Development. There were a number of studio and production company reps there that seemed to truly enjoy the fare which was, hey what else could it be but a roast of Alberta Prime rib!!! Gotta say that it was a great feed! I came home with a fistful of business cards so I think I made some good connections but only time will tell.

The others in the Alberta contingent seemed to be cornering various production folk, with hopefully some degree of success. We definitely need much more activity here to make things happen. Right now we are in danger of sliding back to a "one crew" jurisdiction like we were fifteen years ago. As I have frequently argued, we need more than just the big movies here. It might feed a segement of the crew quite adequately, but it doesn't grow new crew members. Only TV does that, and lots of TV in particular. I believe that it would be better to have half a dozen MOW's than one large movie although it would be great to have both. The MOW's give the production side a chance to stay busy. There is only room for one PM on any show regardless of size. Granted it may take a second crew and an additional PM but that is usualy limited and in my experience very limited since most second units exist without and added PM or extra Line Producer.

Oh well, here's hoping. I'm about to launch a public offering for several small movies. Wish me luck!

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