Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Well here we are finally. Everything seems to be working now. What a pain. As easy as it is, there are numerous ways that it could have been MUCH easier to setup, configure and implement. For example, they do a walk through on how to setup attaching your own domain name. They always seem to miss a step or two or believe that everyone knows what they are talking about. They use an example such as : blog.mydomain.com. Which absolutely won't allow the domain register setup to connect direct to your blog. VERY IMPORTANT POINT!!! You need to put in the www.mydomain.com. Interesting how it all of a sudden works!! That said, the folks over at GoDaddy.com are great to work with.

Will get back to the movie making saga in a bit. Not that I think anyone is actually reading this, but if anyone were, I suppose they would wonder what I've been up to since fall 2003... what have I been up to since fall 2003?? Have to dredge through the memory banks on that one!

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