Monday, November 03, 2008

Artist at work

Well the elections is long past. Did we accomplish anything? Probably not. The object wasn't to defeat Harper but to get him to listen... maybe we gained a little there, but then again I doubt it. In my opinion, the fight has just begun. With the declining dollar - if it stays down for a while, we can probably have a bit of a film and TV renaissance - the Americans can't resist a bargain and we're starting to be back in that market again. The 80 cent dollar coupled with regional and federal incentives might just be enough to bring it back again for a bit. The smart ones should have purchased Canadian dollars when it was really down a week ago.

Was just doing a casual search on the net for something totally unrelated and stumbled across a site that led me to an old friend. Ever have that happen? Kismet, serendipity? Who knows, haven't talked to Maggie in about five years. Lost track of her when I got involved with a crazy woman who was so jealous and controlling that I was nervous about even talking to another woman on business. Yes the crazy gal managed to somehow get between me and everyone in my life, it was slow and gradual, in fact so gradual I didn't realize what had happened until it was too late to do anything about it. It became an either or scenario. She's history now, nothing left but the legals. Live and learn I guess, but how many chances do you get, to get it right in a lifetime?

One thing about Maggie, she was an amazing artist. I remember some of her caricatures, spot on in my opinion. I remember she did a series of hanging pieces that stayed in the windows of the Husky House down on 11th ave SW or was it 12th Ave SW?? Anyway, they were there until they sold the place. And Maggie - eclectic, wild, crazy and incredible. A good friend, that's one thing that we seldom find in life - a good friend. We find all kinds of other things, usually all wrapped up in the end as merely someone who wants something from you rather than being interested in a give and take scenario - someone who tells you like it is, not what you want to hear, not sugar coated either, but somehow can say that one thing you need to hear and manages to not piss you off in the process. That was Maggie.

Since I have rambled into a friends discussion, my other best friend is Dennis. Have known him since high school, been through thick and thin together, he's given me some good advice, I've given him some good advice and we've stayed in touch throughout all the years, through all the moves, through the divorces, his and mine, there were several, and in the background was Maggie - I've known her for about eighteen years as well. Where does the time go? According to what I've seen she's a grandmother now! M'gawd!! A grandmother! Course if my son were still alive I too might have grandchildren as well. He would have been 31 this year. Maggie was there for that too. Her and her guy at the time. Helped me move after Chris died. Like I said, a good friend.

Her website link is below. Look her up if you need any art work of any kind. She's good and pretty reasonable too. She does some pretty wowie website work as well. Looks good Maggie!!

I'll ramble some more tomorrow. Maybe. Trying to sort out a few of life's speed bumps. Entropy versus atrophy... hmmmm....

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