Saturday, April 25, 2009

Global Swindling err... Warming

Been poking around on the Climate change issues. I don't trust anyone anymore. I'm beginning to believe that Al Gore is the worlds most colossal shill! This man is doing nothing more than trying to change the power structure paradigm and suck your pockets dry in the process (yeah this is the guy with his own private jet). The grants that used to go to finding more sources of petroleum and fossil energy are now being diverted to non-traditional source searches and development. We're talking billions folks! Big bucks, mucho moollah! Welcome to the era of entitlement.

Bottom line that I believe we should all be concerned about: Clean water for all! This should be a basic human right! Clean air for all - again should be a basic human right! If we take care of those two items everything else will follow along. Think about it. That means no more pollution would be allowed. Imagine the wave that would create. That one is worth fighting for. Not that different from what is being touted but the focus is different. It doesn't matter where the energy comes from that I use as long as it doesn't pollute MY WATER and MY AIR.

It's been my opinion for a long time that we don't know enough about climate modeling on this planet to suddenly start making really bold assumptions about how things work. However, as they are proven wrong you'd think that it would be shouted to the heavens but nope! Its tucked away quietly with nary a news mention, with the next scare mongering headline taking its place.

Wake up people. We are being assaulted by bad science, fueled by the media needs for attention grabbing headlines. Computer MODELLING isn't an exact science! It is a set of predictions based on the assumptions of a few dozen individual programmers. They get it wrong more times than they get it right! That's just the way it works. They keep changing the assumptions until the results are the expected ones. That's how computer modelling works. Unfortunately everyone is reporting and accepting the results as facts. No one wants to look at the results of actual OBSERVATIONAL STUDIES!

You've probably heard about the Antarctic ice melting. Well, is it? You're going to love this:


Antarctic ice melting faster than expected (April 6, 2009)

"UP TO one-third of all Antarctic sea ice is likely to melt by the end of
the century, seriously contributing to dangerous sea level rises, updated
scientific modelling on global warming shows."


Or isn't it?


Sea ice spread linked to ozone layer (April 23, 2009 )

"SEA ice around Antarctica has been increasing at a rate of 100,000 sq km a
decade since the 1970s, according to a landmark study to be published today."

"The study by the British Antarctic Survey, published in the journal
Geophysical Research Letters, says rather than melting as a result of
global warming, Antarctica continues to expand. "

"The fact that Antarctic ice is still growing does not in itself prove that
global warming is not happening. But the BAS says increased ice formation
can be explained by another environmental concern, the hole in the ozone
layer, which is affecting local weather conditions. "


So, the upshot is that we need to release more CFCs, to increase the ozone
hole, to form more ice, to prevent sea level rise caused by CO2. It is all
clear now. The science is settled.

The truth is nobody knows nothin' when it comes to planetary forces. We are still making guesses. Some of them pretty good guesses, but still guesses none-the-less!

NASA has only just put a satellite into orbit on the other side of the sun. We have only just dedicated several survey satellites to the task of keeping track of things like ice sheet growth and the relationship of the sun to whats happening here on earth. Unfortunately that doesn't allow us to reach backwards and say definitively what happened in the past.

We do know that the earth was once much hotter than it is today. We do know that the earth was once much colder than it is today. Gee, do you think there are cycles in there somewhere? A line from Benjamin Button keeps popping into my head. "Everything changes!"

Problem is not many people like change. They like things the way they are and were. There is a small subset that thrives on anything new, even ideas, but that is not the mainstream.

So, if the Gore'ites win, all that happens is the people you pay your money to for fuel and energy change but it won't make much difference to you.

You'll probably be foaming at the mouth with a crooked stare caused the migraines you developed as a result of the infrasound created by the windfarm generating station behind your house.

"Trust no one!" Question everything!

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