Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Policy Peril: The Truth About Global Warming

When pondering the whole issue of global warming tub thumping there are of course the first knee jerk reactions like "this will affect my future and that of my family for generations to come."

That would be correct if you are referring to the negative financial impact of the implementation of the Kyoto standards. As in any examination of political and sociological scenarios it is important to ask the question, "who stands to gain from the implementation of Kyoto?"

As in chasing drug traffickers, the key is to follow the money. In short I am saying - THINK PEOPLE! THINK FOR YOURSELVES! We are the largest grouping of all time to have the easiest access to instant information but we are also the largest group to simply accept what we are told and spoon fed by both governments and the self interested media.

This is a very well thought out video with a lot of research behind it. It is not just anti global warming or anti climate change propaganda - at least no more so than Gore's Inconvenient Truth was/is. Watch the video, think about it and most of all discuss it and do your own research.

Click on the link below. I wish I could figure out how to have the window open here but this will have to do for now.

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