Friday, May 27, 2016

The Great Conservative/Republican Jobs Deception

By Joe Thornton   May 27, 2016

The US Republicans, The Libertarians, the Canadian Conservative/Reform/Alliance Party, The UK Tories are all frauds.  They promote the ideal that social welfare is somehow evil in and of itself, that empathy and compassion for ones fellow man is abhorrent and must be eliminated at any cost, that it drags the country into debt and poverty itself.

Now think about this for a moment.  Every one of those political parties support corporate tax cuts, corporate subsidies, almost non-existent resource royalties where the unarguably rich are allowed to steal the resource wealth of a country for their own gain – in essence they are all for corporate welfare.

The hue and cry is: Who will provide the jobs if the corporations are not given the right breaks? Hmmmm…  following the money here.  If the governments of the countries involved are giving those kind of massive business and tax breaks to corporations so that they will be the job creators – isn’t that the government creating the jobs, not the corporate structure, or even the rich?

What’s the difference between that and the ruling party of a country creating job making incentives directly?  Or even doing roadwork and public construction projects through the public works department and putting the workforce directly on payroll? It would eliminate the middleman corporations who seldom pass along the promised jobs and what is supposed to be a literal money flow from the government to the citizens of the country. 

To make matters worse most often these days corporations keep the bucks and offshore the tax liability then they further offshore the labour for product production, shipping the goods back from India and China with no net gain of any jobs to the country who provided the breaks in the first place.  Where in this scenario are the poor a drag on the system?

There is an implicit promise by the corporations to be good citizens and help the country grow and prosper – the old “what’s good for General Motors is good for America” is an adage long gone. 

Regardless of political stripe people have to wake up to the reality that governments have ALWAYS been the job creators regardless of the political party involved.  Eliminate the middlemen. Hire direct.

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